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DurationTwo Days
BackgroundYou may know the basics of Agile. You may have run a pilot project or even have a complement of Agile teams already embedded. But the principles and methodologies are only half the story. How do you actually apply the theory, turn ideas into action and deliver real-world, practical value to your organisation?

Take the next step in your Agile journey and become an Agile Alchemist - transforming base metals into gold! Learn how to unlock the potential and power of Agile across your organisation - at the project, program, portfolio and Enterprise level. Then light the spark for complete Business Agility.

This two-day, advanced course will enable you to take Agile to the next level in your team and across your organisation. Mark out your whole Agile roadmap, from initiation to delivery and beyond. Explore practical strategies to scale up (SAFe, LeSS), how to manage multiple teams in an Agile framework and successfully interact with adjacent teams and organisational areas.
Course OutlineThis workshop will be delivered using a three tiered approach.

The structure of each session is as follows:

1. Technical overview and review of research into the topic area under discussion
2. Practical application of management principles in the review of case studies, worked examples and interactive exercises
3. Discussion of outcomes and implementation issues

Day 1

Agile for project initiation
— Agile contracts and vendor management
— Drafting Agile project charter / business case
— Customer value, feedback and insights
— 5 ways to run feasibility studies and test early
— Engaging stakeholders for Agile project

Agile project planning
— Develop project roadmap with story mapping
— Collaborative planning techniques
— Roles of facilitation in the planning
— Risk management in Agile
— Surfacing and understanding complexities
— Integrating Scrum with communication plan
— Structuring financials for Agile project
— How to set up team space for collaboration
— Visual management
— Procuring Agile team

Executing Agile project
— Effective management of Scrum team and process
— Scaling up: how to manage multiple teams under Scaled Agile Frameworks ( LeSS, SAFe )
— Coordinating and directing Agile project
— Monitoring performance of Agile project ( setting up metrics, making adjustments, etc. )
— Technical excellence : how to manage risks with technology advancements and Agile mindset
— Integrating with adjacent teams (Operations, PMO, and more )
— Making most out of retrospectives

Day 2

Agile, Lean portfolio management
— Understanding modern business environment
— Lean thinking
— System thinking
— Locating and assessing value streams
— Structuring portfolios for agility
— Financial model for Agile portfolios
— Making value visible: portfolio Visual management
— Optimising for flow and agility
— Marketing agility
— Embedding innovations in portfolio
Learning Objectives- Cultivate and realise effective, scaleable Agile maturity to your organisation
- Apply design thinking to the Agile initiation phase
- Touchpoints for mature Agile teams
- How to scale up and keep things consistent
- Make value visible by structuring financials for Agile
- Adopt an enterprise Agile mindset
- Manage multiple teams under Scaled Agile Frameworks (LeSS, SAFe)
- Laws of Business Agility and future ways of working
Target AudienceYou know basic Agile principles and theory and are looking to turn this knowledge into action and apply it in practical ways at your organisation.
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